Green Mobility – Revolution from Oil to Hydrogen


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Green Mobility – Revolution from Oil to Hydrogen

In Kenya as in many areas globally, we predominately use internal combustion engine powered mobility solutions. The use of cleaner alternatives such as electricity powered mobility has started in various segments such as public transport and is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. Alternative clean fuels such as Bioethanol or Hydrogen have not made any reasonable grounds and as such this challenge calls for the exploration of one of these primarily Hydrogen as a possible clean fuel for the future. Hydrogen is a clean fuel and when consumed in a fuel cell produces only water. The world is currently exploring the use of Hydrogen sustainably and cost effectively to allow it to be a serious consideration for mobility solutions of the future. Green Hydrogen can be a truly carbon-free fuel if produced using renewable sources of electricity. In this project, the aim is to explore the potential of hydrogen in Kenyan market. The project has been designed together with a car manufacturing company Mobius Motors and the research question is: if Mobius Motors was to adopt hydrogen as their key strategic component, how should they do it to establish themselves as a pioneer and industry leader of hydrogen economy in Kenya and later, abroad. How should a network of hydrogen refill stations be created and what is the ecosystem that is required to make it a possibility? What are the means of preparing the consumer base and other stakeholders for the transition? How might Kenya’s vast geothermal reserves be harnessed for hydrogen revolution? What could be learned from other players and industries on such a drastic, fundamental change? How can the cost of Hydrogen vehicles be reduced? How can Hydrogen vehicles provide a better acceleration and torque (a force that tends to cause rotation), leading to a more responsive driving experience than other cars? About Mobius Motors Mobius Motors is an automotive company in Kenya that designs, manufactures, and sells affordable vehicles. Headquartered in Nairobi Kenya, Mobius produces two models a compact SUV branded Mobius II and a medium/large SUV the Mobius III. Mobius Motors' mission is to impact the lives of people across Kenya and Africa by providing the appropriate mobility solutions to mobilise Africa. Our vision is a more connected, more prosperous Africa. Mobius is committed to sustainable mobility solutions that will protect the environment and the welfare of the people of Africa and clean energy solutions are a critical part of its future goals as part of its mission.
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